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Breakfast 6am to 9am - Callum has been in radio since 2002, usually with an iced coffee in hand, loves classic cars, motorbikes and animals.  His lame claim to fame is that he once arm wrestled Vanessa Amorosi and ALMOST won.





Daytime 9am to 11am - Jess ‘Jack of all Trades’ started off and still is working in Schedules, (the heartbeat of the office), coming from 10 years in the military and living a couple of years abroad.  She would give all you Tradies a decent run for your money in the kickboxing ring as well as gym and when she’s not doing that, she’s a nerdy, high-flying participant in ‘Toastmasters.’  There is a 99.9% chance of spotting her in Bunnings on weekends.




  Afternoons 11am to 3pm - We nabbed Jodie from Perth who nabbed her from Bristol!  Many of our listeners think she’s Irish and often call to find out.  She is the youngest of our awesome team and comes from a campus based radio station.  ZZZ is her first professional gig in radio and she has fitted in perfectly to the team.  She is still getting used to the NSW North Coast way of life and it was highly unfortunate that swooping Magpies were amongst the first to greet her.  Now she has a brand new car there’s no holding her back from exploring!  Beep, Beep! 

Ben ('Bin')

  Afternoons/Drive - 3pm - Having worked in community radio in New Zealand, the natural step was to jump the ditch to the greener pastures of the North Coast.  If it’s musical, and preferably on vinyl, Ben (or ‘Bin’ as he has become known) will either want to own it, already owns it, or at least wants to listen to it!

2LM Announcers


Neil Marks
  Breakfast 6am to 9am - Neil grew up in Adelaide, leaving in 1984 to start his radio career in WA. After stints back in SA and Victoria he arrived on the North Coast in 1990. Neil has a love of his family, sport and politics (some say he sometimes gets the order confused) and believes you have to put into the community more than you take out, and this is reflected in his program.

Ruth Stumer

  Afternoons - Midday to 1pm - Ruth used to love holidaying on the Coast, back as far as the 80’s and moved here for good in 2001.  She travelled the country for 10 years to get the radio experience needed to be on both stations.  Her main love, (besides her hubby ‘Kenny’), is Ping Pong of which she is a master so don’t even go there girlfriend!

Network Announcers

John Laws    

2LM – JOHN LAWS: This country’s undisputed King of Talkback Radio, John Laws continues to keep audiences spellbound. With over 60 years of commercial broadcasting experience, John Laws has returned to Sydney’s 2SM 1269 & the Super Network. John cuts through the political spin and asks the hard questions, often unsettling politicians. If it’s news, information, entertainment and talkback you’re after, there is only one choice, John Laws.

Graham Gilbert    

2LM – GRAHAM GILBERT 7PM - MIDNIGHT:  ‘Talk Tonight” is a show of news, views, comment and dollops of fun! Graeme states "It's a show driven by the listener.  After dark radio is a time when people like a more relaxed exchange of ideas and that's what Talk Tonight offers. "Besides entertaining a large nightly audience, Graeme acknowledges Talk Tonight is the 'media of trust' in times of community disruption."

Grant Goldman    

2LM – BREAKFAST 5am - 9am:  Into his 50th year of broadcasting, Grant Goldman has one of the longest established breakfast shows on radio.  Grant is sure to entertain you with the latest news, sport and weather, 'Insight' with Michael D. Robinson, everybody's favorite 'On This Day', your talkback and chances to win with the Quiz Relay.  Grant looks forward to welcoming you every weekday morning always first at 5am.

Talking Sport


As the name suggests, Talkin’ Sport is pure unadulterated sport. NRL, cricket, rugby union, AFL, soccer, motorsport, boxing, athletics & swimming and is the only drive time sports show.  If it’s happening in sport, Talkin’ Sport has it covered.

ZZZ – KYLE & JACKIE’O - 6PM TO 7PM:  Up to date gossip regarding the biggest stars.  Listen Mondays to Fridays for a fun frenzy hour of power.

ZZZFM - 2LM Local Journalist    

Jenny's a media junkie and has worked in local TV, newspapers and radio.  Originally from Melbourne, she loves the North Coast unequivocally (which is a big news word for ‘totally’). J  Apart from all that, she’s a breath of fresh air to have around the office.)






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