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Breakfast 6am to 10am - Callum has been in radio since 2002, usually with an iced coffee in hand, loves classic cars, motorbikes and animals.  His lame claim to fame is that he once arm wrestled Vanessa Amorosi and ALMOST won.





Daytime 10am to 2pm - Taya loves getting sandy at the beach, cooking up a storm for anyone who wanders in her front door and stretching it out in a good yoga class...which explains why she's found herself on the Sunny North Coast! The first album she owned was Bryan Adams '18 Til I Die' ... listening to it keeps her young, wild and free! Taya Brings you all the hits and hot celeb gossip to get you through your week days!



Ben 'Bin'    


  Afternoons 2pm to 6pm - Having worked in community radio in New Zealand, the natural step was to jump the ditch to the greener pastures of the North Coast. If its musical, and preferably on vinyl, Ben (or Bin as he has become known) will either want to own it, already owns it, or atleast wants to listen to it! 


Ben Lemberg    

Drive 3pm to 6pm 






2LM Announcers


Neil Marks   Neil grew up in Adelaide, leaving in 1984 to start his radio career in WA. After stints back in SA and Victoria he arrived on the North Coast in 1990. Neil has a love of his family, sport and politics (some say he sometimes gets the order confused) and believes you have to put into the community more than you take out, and this is reflected in his program.
Ruth Stumer   Ruth used to love holidaying on the Coast, back as far as the 80’s, and moved here for good in 2001. She travelled the country for 10 years to get the radio experience needed to be both stations’ very passionate Music Director, which entails staying up until 2am checking out the latest YouTube music videos. THAT’S NOT WORK!!

Doing 12-4pm on 2LM gives her something serious to do during the day, with early morning weekends on ZZZ helping to entwine the best in AM and FM radio.


Originally from sydney, Andrew loves the North Coast for the perfect weather and beaches. He can be heard filling in sometimes on air, otherwise he's getting creative and making the commercials!



Network Announcers

John Laws    

Listen to John Laws from 9am - 12pm

Graham Gilbert    

Tune in to Graham Gilbert overnight!

Grant Goldman    

Tune in weekdays from 5am to listen to Grant Goldman!




Jenny's a bit of a media junkie and has worked in local TV, newspapers and radio.

Originally from Melbourne, she loves the North Coast unequivocally (which is a big news word for totally) :)






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